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“Lunch and learn”… about our secure client portal

In a bid to compete with the convenience of Zoom and Teams, we’ve recently started to cheer up our face-to-face meetings. There’s no real substitute for getting together and actually meeting – it removes the barriers and confusion over who’s speaking. You also don’t get delays, dodgy backgrounds and wifi issues when it’s just humans […]

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Brand your Docsafe!

Having Docsafe situated within your website is a powerful thing for a few reasons. Your clients access Docsafe via your website which means it’s straightforward and they only have your web address to remember. Several times a day your clients might be visiting your website. It’s pretty hard to get people to visit and revisit […]

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Announcing Docsafe Lightbulb training

Having been super impressed with some of the big names’ tech support, particularly the Apple Genius appointments, we decided to launch our own. Also, on the back of some recent client meetings we have discovered that Docsafe, like most tech, is hardly ever used to its full potential (and that is so sad!). One of […]

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A portal that does it all

Docsafe has been in use for well over twenty years – mainly by professionals and certainly all users are organisations that are client-focused. Recognising how Docsafe fits in with your existing work processes is key to understanding its benefits to your business. After all, you need to see clear benefits before pursuing anything new. In […]

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One document, one location, multiple access

A Docsafe concept that is really useful to understand is how the documents you store in the portal don’t go anywhere. You access the portal to upload documents and there they stay – safely – and only accessed by approved contacts. Unless you’ve used an online portal before it’s a simple but incredibly important part […]

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Getting heard

We’ve all heard the old adage ‘large enough to deliver, small enough to care’. It’s usually bandied about by sizeable businesses trying to convince you that your voice, as a lone customer, is heard. On Googling the phrase it is apparent that it’s very well used: from logistics organisations to computer software companies. Here at […]

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Multi level security access to Docsafe (MFA)

Inescapably, and quite rightly, we encounter many ways to access our online accounts each and every day. Our emails, text messages and other personal, device-led accounts are usually quick to let us in. But where we are accessing third party accounts such as the bank, retail and medical information (for example), we have to jump […]

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New to Docsafe? New to client portals?

Not every business uses a client portal so it’s useful to take a step back and explain what it is and how it works. Wikipedia gives a good definition of a portal: “A client portal is an electronic gateway to a collection of digital files, services, and information, accessible over the Internet through a web […]

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Docsafe – a safe haven for accountants

Even though Docsafe is used by many different professional sectors, our main market is accountants. We designed the concept of secure communications and a robust client portal with accountants in mind – to cater for the transmission of sensitive data that is characteristic of all accountancy firms. Over the past twenty years we’ve also branched […]

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Building best practice and excellent processes

Docsafe in the property sector Property equals paperwork. And lots of it. If you work in the property sector as an estate agent, letting agent, landlord, developer or investor, you’ll know that every property generates an absolute mountain of documentation. Docsafe manages this incredibly well on a number of levels. Doing the deal Most property […]