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A portal that does it all

Docsafe has been in use for well over twenty years – mainly by professionals and certainly all users are organisations that are client-focused. Recognising how Docsafe fits in with your existing work processes is key to understanding its benefits to your business. After all, you need to see clear benefits before pursuing anything new. In […]

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The top 5 reasons to sign online with Docsafe

Our online signing function draws many new clients to Docsafe. It is ingenious, even if we say so ourselves. So what is so special about our online signing compared to some other products available? Well, we believe that the answer to that lies in the fact that we primarily work with the professions. By offering […]

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The online signing revolution

There’s signing, there’s online signing and then there’s Docsafe online signing. And whilst we don’t like to be too salesy in our blogs (it’s really not the place) we are rightly proud of how sophisticated our signing options are. Sophisticated doesn’t mean complicated though and therein lies the beauty of Docsafe. Taking it from the […]

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What sets Docsafe apart…

We’ve been working in the professional sector, creating and supplying a seriously good client portal for almost twenty years now. What makes us different is the fact that we’re not owned by a giant accountancy software company and we haven’t been swallowed whole by a competitor. We’ve stayed focused and deliberately independent from our conception […]

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Start as you mean to go on

It’s a brand new year and the perfect time to think about improvements – and we don’t mean signing up for the gym (unless you want to, then by all means…). We are referring to working smarter. Our age old tagline says we should work smarter and not harder and that’s never been truer. Working […]

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New scope for online signing for the legal profession

New scope for online signing for the legal profession Traditionally one of the slower sectors to adopt technology, the legal profession has been given some motivation by the government as it has revealed its acceptance of online signatures for deeds. We have included a link direct to the government website that gives all the information […]