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Taking time to save time

DocSafe is a bit of a miracle worker. It does a whole raft of things to streamline the way you work as well as introduce a new level of data security that will delight your IT people. However, to enjoy the rewards you do have to take a little time to get it working exactly […]

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Good news – DocSafe NOT affected by Log4j

Log4j is the most recent open-source vulnerability to raise its head and cause severe disruption for companies across the world. There are already reports of security breaches which is a big deal because Java is used extensively so there is huge potential for damage. Java touches apps of every type across all sectors, including some […]

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DocSafe means no more emails sent in error

One of the most key reasons that makes DocSafe an easy choice lies in one of its most simple features. It’s almost impossible to send an email attachment to the wrong person. It’s such a regular thing that people do by mistake (we are human after all) and, on the whole, an innocent ‘Oops, sorry […]

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Choosing the best client login option…

At DocSafe you’ll be aware that security is an ongoing developmental part of our client portal. We work very hard to make sure we are ahead of the game; providing many layers of security to ensure your information and client data isn’t compromised. Much of this goes on behind the scenes as we keep abreast […]

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GDPR after Brexit

Data security is an important part of the DocSafe offering. We work extremely hard to ensure that any data you hold is secure. This is one of the main drivers for our client portal where email isn’t required to send and receive data or documents. However, the impact of Brexit might cast a ripple effect […]