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Brand your Docsafe!

Having Docsafe situated within your website is a powerful thing for a few reasons.

Your clients access Docsafe via your website which means it’s straightforward and they only have your web address to remember.

Several times a day your clients might be visiting your website. It’s pretty hard to get people to visit and revisit your website so to have a genuine reason to get them there means you also have a whole host of opportunities to communicate. You can include news messages, a changing landing page, links to social media, IT updates, key dates and more.

You can brand your login page with your corporate colours and logo so anyone signing in knows they are in the right place. With so many scammers and dodgy dealers out there it’s important that the client journey feels safe from start to finish.

Docsafe is all about security and taking extra care of sensitive data and confidential information. Having a branded site is another way to bolster that.

If you’re thinking of updating the way you present Docsafe, contact Mike and he’ll talk you through the options and explain how easy it is. Your branded Docsafe landing page gives out a secure signal (you’re in the right place, carry on), a marketing tool (use it to add current messages) and it’s a practical way to access files, do online signing, share information and more.