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  • This is docSAFE

    docSAFE is the clever way to work. For anyone working with a client base – those in the professions, creatives – in fact, just about any kind of business – you’ll wonder how you managed without it before. It’s contemporary and innovative but surprisingly simple. docSAFE is a client portal – an online office with lots of functionality and clever stuff.

  • In the Cloud

    Working in the cloud is a concept. You are simply accessing a portal online and giving your clients secure access to do the same. In the portal you can store and work on documents, exchange information, collaborate, sign things off online – all in highly secure, backed up environment. It works across all your devices and even has its own mobile app.

Lets's be honest

We get most of our new business from referrals so we must be doing something right. docSAFE software is easy to use and quick to install. We offer personal support from the very start to make sure you get the most from docSAFE and everything it can offer.
  • DocSAFE helped make meeting the Self-Assessment deadline possible… Electronic authorisations made the approval of the tax returns simple, effective and transparent… Furthermore… Time costs for both Client and Accountant were saved as a result… Notwithstanding cutting out the need driving to the client which in turn saved fuel and carbon emissions…

    DocSafe helped save my clients penalties this year…

    Even the clients that are not tech savvy mastered it without my assistance…

    Nick Smith – Select Accountants Limited

  • We use online signing all year round but when there are a huge number of tax returns to finalise, it makes all the difference

    D Evans, Manchester

  • I like to know that all the firm’s client files are safely stored in docSAFE, it gives all the partners peace of mind to know that we aren’t compromising our client information that goes back years

    L Pickering, Southampton

  • We always used to have long, complicated email trails with different versions of the same document and if you came to it late you didn’t know where to start! Now we have one set of everything in the docSAFE cloud and we can access the most up to date version easily and without confusion

    E Parker, Stafford

  • I only found out recently that email isn’t as secure as I’d thought. By exchanging files within docSAFE we don’t run any risks – either through hacking or straightforward, embarrassing, human error mistakes.

    A Williams, Romford

  • For us, one useful thing in docSAFE has quickly become invaluable: we create forms that clients can complete, and even sign, online. We didn’t know we needed it until we started using it

    L Dakin, Birmingham

  • By using docSAFE I always feel we are giving our clients the best service – it’s so secure and looks incredibly professional

    B Jones, Manchester

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