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Docsafe in the property sector

Property equals paperwork. And lots of it. If you work in the property sector as an estate agent, letting agent, landlord, developer or investor, you’ll know that every property generates an absolute mountain of documentation. Docsafe manages this incredibly well on a number of levels.

Doing the deal

Most property transactions generate a lot of paperwork, from building plans, planning permission and house particulars, it always starts with paper. Taking the transaction to the next level involves background checks, references, searches and all sorts of other processes. And then, once you’ve brought all of the essential strands together there are options on surveys, issues and snagging!

Docsafe brings everything and everyone together for each project in a secure portal, allowing access to those who need it. You can set up a hierarchy of folders system to store things away tidily for each project.

Just by collating the property information together in one secure place you are already streamlining the process and making it more professional and stress-free.

Exchanging secure files

You never need to email the contents of the folders which provides greater security. You simply send access to the appropriate files for the recipient to deal with. There is only ever one version of any document in circulation (and that’s in the folder in Docsafe) and you know exactly where it is.

Signing off

Docsafe online signing is legal and sophisticated. You can set up a form that can be signed by multiple parties in a specific order. You can highlight areas of the document to be signed using colour coded tabs, making it very easy to work through.

Again, these documents are stored within the secure portal so there is only one control version being signed or updated.

Storing vital supporting documents

Docsafe acts as the perfect document storage solution as well. Once you’ve set up your folder system you can add every bit of paperwork that comes through on each project, from receipts, meeting notes, contact details, references and financial information. It’s so secure and central it makes your processes completely stress-free.

Creating safe portals for everyone involved

If you’re managing any aspect of property sales, lettings, management, development and maintenance, you’ll find Docsafe is a great way to organise your paper trail – to get the deal done, signed off and to create order throughout the process.

One of the key benefits is that you can allow access to each project portal – to other colleagues and stakeholders – as necessary.

Ask us more about how Docsafe works within the property sector – we can give examples of Docsafe in action and how much it can help you and your business.