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Getting heard

We’ve all heard the old adage ‘large enough to deliver, small enough to care’. It’s usually bandied about by sizeable businesses trying to convince you that your voice, as a lone customer, is heard. On Googling the phrase it is apparent that it’s very well used: from logistics organisations to computer software companies.

Here at Docsafe Towers we actually do act on our clients’ requests and feedback. We log each and every one and check them against our own plans and development schedules to see if they are already in the pipeline. If not, we assess the merits of the request and act accordingly. If we get several similar requests it becomes a simple enough decision to make – if it makes sense then we put it into practice. If it’s difficult or won’t work we’ll put our heads together and discuss alternatives until we know how we can deliver the same (or similar) solution in another way.

Improving, updating and adding functionality to an already pretty amazing secure client portal means that we all benefit. Our portal keeps pace with (and is often ahead of) the sector, holistically building on layers of existing brilliance. And our loyal client base gets more for its monthly subscription.

The IT world doesn’t stay still. Client demands, security threats and an ever-changing landscape mean that we need to remain agile and responsive. And above all, make sure our clients are always heard.