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A portal that does it all

Docsafe has been in use for well over twenty years – mainly by professionals and certainly all users are organisations that are client-focused. Recognising how Docsafe fits in with your existing work processes is key to understanding its benefits to your business. After all, you need to see clear benefits before pursuing anything new.

In an age where communications are a priority, we can often use a variety of platforms and channels for our daily interactions. There’s email of course, then any number of other options: Dropbox, Trello, WeTransfer, DocuSign, WhatsApp, Teams, Slack, Zoom, Skype, and oh so many others.

Docsafe can replace all of these in one simple-to-use portal. If you have clients and need to communicate securely you can pull everything together in Docsafe, effectively ticking several boxes.

You can create a safe place to store client information. Set up a folder for each of your clients and give them secure access to their own. Within that folder you can set up sub-folders, again, each with secure access for whomever needs it. As an absolute minimum this means your clients have access to their information (financial, legal, marketing, whatever you provide for them) whenever they want it. Whether it’s a contract, end of year accounts or a set of logos, your clients can go straight to Docsafe and retrieve it. This saves you a lot of admin time.

You can place the secure information within Docsafe and notify your client that it’s there. You don’t need to email the documents. This means that the risk of sending the wrong files or sending sensitive information in error is totally negated.

You and your clients can collaborate in Docsafe. You can work together on one document with no worries whatsoever about version control. The document stays where it is and collaborators come and go. An audit trail shows who has updated the document and when – so you can check on progress and document views.

And then, of course, there’s the jewel in our crown. Online signing is one of our finest features. It is sophisticated yet simple to set up and use. With a whole raft of features, online signing with Docsafe does everything you need it to. You can choose how to sign, when to sign, who should sign, who can countersign, where to sign!

The contents of Docsafe remain available, stored and backed up, for whenever they are needed. You can exchange, collaborate, sign and store, all in one secure portal, used by professionals for over twenty years. Add to this the high levels of security and responsive development team, what more could you need?