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The top 5 reasons to sign online with Docsafe

Our online signing function draws many new clients to Docsafe. It is ingenious, even if we say so ourselves.

So what is so special about our online signing compared to some other products available? Well, we believe that the answer to that lies in the fact that we primarily work with the professions. By offering an online signing service for professionals such as accountants, solicitors and financial advisers (among others) we know that our service has to be impeccable. For that reason we guarantee a few things that make Docsafe head and shoulders above the rest.

Docsafe is compliant: It ticks all the legal boxes and has a full audit trail. A while back the government outlined a 6-step list of requirements, all of which can be satisfied by Docsafe, our ISO accredited online signature software. In a nutshell, the requirements include:

  1. All parties agree to use online signing
  2. All parties have conveyancers acting for them
  3. The conveyancer sets up and controls the signing process
  4. The conveyancer follows several additional security steps to make it fully compliant
  5. The conveyancer lodges the application and includes a pdf of the completed deed
  6. The conveyancer certifies that the process has been completed and the security steps have been adhered toegal, audit trail, ticks all the boxes, accepted by law firms

Docsafe is secure: Online signing within Docsafe enjoys all the security benefits of its wider use. You never email documents for signing, for example. You would set up the document, place it within the portal and invite signatories to access and sign it within the safety of the portal. This way you only have one version and there is no opportunity to email it to the wrong person in error.

Docsafe is intuitive: Docsafe is so good to use. You can pick from a range of functions that allow you to dictate who signs, in which order and when. Multiple signatories, countersigning, and all sorts of other options are on offer. You can opt for an electronic signature or download your own signature jpeg. Basically, if you have a signing need we have already anticipated it!

Docsafe is thorough: You won’t miss a signature requirement or sign out of turn. Highlighting places to sign and by whom is in-built. You can re-use regularly used forms, just update and go. We have thought of everything.

Docsafe is super speedy: We have pulled together its intuitively and functionality together with a requirement to be quick about it. It’s easy to work through and return once signed. And we even have a quick option so your recipient doesn’t need to have an account with you – they can sign in securely, sign online and it’s all done.

If you’d like to know more, sign up for our free trial of Docsafe or speak to Mike for a one-to-one demo.