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What sets Docsafe apart…

We’ve been working in the professional sector, creating and supplying a seriously good client portal for almost twenty years now. What makes us different is the fact that we’re not owned by a giant accountancy software company and we haven’t been swallowed whole by a competitor.

We’ve stayed focused and deliberately independent from our conception through to today, as we continue to evolve and grow our flagship product: Docsafe.

We are Birmingham-based and have a tight, dynamic team who works together extremely well and, together, we can anticipate market changes and requirements so they’re ready as our clients start to think about them.

Docsafe changes all the time but it doesn’t involve any client intervention in terms of implementing the updates. We push these through automatically so you can benefit from the latest version of the platform.

Our main client intervention is in feedback and collaboration as we build more functionality and incorporate exactly what we know you want to see. This two-way street means we have a robust product that is reflective of how our clients work – and that’s not just accountants. We work with professionals across the board including solicitors (they have embraced Docsafe as online signatures have become more acceptable in the legal sector), surveyors, independent financial advisers, estate agents and the creative sector.

When you have a product that provides a fantastically secure way of communicating, storing and collaborating, everything else slots into place. We don’t rely on email to send important information, we have amazing in-built form management and online signing, as well as the ability to access your cloud-stored information from wherever you are. You can also give secure access to your clients so they can access their own documents – saving you lots of admin time.

What sets us apart, ultimately, is that we are genuinely here to continue to develop a product that can’t stay the same, that must evolve with enhanced security and functionality.

And we care enough to be doing just that – constantly.