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The online signing revolution

There’s signing, there’s online signing and then there’s Docsafe online signing. And whilst we don’t like to be too salesy in our blogs (it’s really not the place) we are rightly proud of how sophisticated our signing options are. Sophisticated doesn’t mean complicated though and therein lies the beauty of Docsafe.

Taking it from the most simple way of signing online is our entry-level Quiksign. This allows you to send a secure link to the person who you’d like to sign – they can just access the form and sign without having to set up an account.

Then we have all sorts of exciting and time-saving options including sequential signing (you choose who signs and in which order), counter-signing, multi-signing (for any number of signatures required on one document), embedded signatures, flagged places to be signed – a whole host of really valuable features.

We always evolve and develop Docsafe in line with feedback and anticipated trends. Whilst we were always one step ahead, the pandemic really increased the appetite for online signatures and Docsafe was able to meet the demand for all of the different signature variants required. Indeed, as a good barometer, the Law Society responded well to the increase in electronic signatures and continues to move towards a wider acceptance in completing transactions virtually.

Our signing goes hand-in-hand with our dynamic form management. We provide the options of uploading and editing an existing form or using a brand new one.

You can create and highlight the areas that need to be filled in. The fields can be completed using drop-down menus, a value, tick box, date box and other options.The completion boxes can be created as you’d like them – including box size, typeface size and so on. You can make the fields, including the signature boxes, mandatory. You can also highlight places that need attention and these are flagged in a side column of the form, making it very clear and negating the potential for missed information.

So you can see that not all online signing is the same. We will continue to develop our signing capabilities and form management and make sure you can do exactly what you need, when you need it.

If you head to our YouTube channel, via our website, you will be able to watch quick videos that will tell you more. There are all sorts of useful short videos in this resource section.