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Start as you mean to go on

It’s a brand new year and the perfect time to think about improvements – and we don’t mean signing up for the gym (unless you want to, then by all means…). We are referring to working smarter. Our age old tagline says we should work smarter and not harder and that’s never been truer. Working smarter to us at Docsafe can be summed up in the following 5 key thoughts:

1 By making sure you are timely

By this we mean you should always be up to date, working within current guidelines and using a system that reflects today’s working practices. A good example of this is in our post Brexit approach to GDPR (more of that in a later blog) but knowing that you are working with a team that is thinking ahead and keeping your business current is vital.

2 Ensuring that you keep good company

Docsafe is used across the UK by a variety of professional sectors – and sectors that keep growing. We supply accountants, legal teams, property professionals, insurance and financial experts and many others. We believe a community of like-minded professionals must be quite affirming and a strong indicator that you have made a wise choice!

3 Enjoying the benefits of a consistently improving product

We take feedback from our users, keep ahead of the business climate and also think of useful developments –  a heady combination that brings you a product that constantly improves and offers more. We issue these updates to our client base via regular news bulletins so you can try them out as soon as they are available (and these updates are automatic so you don’t have to do a thing at your end).

4 Take advantage of functionality that makes life easier

Signing online is a great example of this. Integrated into your Docsafe is the ability to get your documents signed off online. This powers up your processes and gets things finalised so much quicker. In the current climate this negates the need for meetings and reliance on the post but doesn’t slow anything down.

5 Be confident that your costs will stay the same

We offer fixed lifetime costs that won’t hike or spike – you will have the same cost for the duration of your contract with us. It gives you unlimited sign and send as well. We don’t like surprises and assume you don’t either.

Think about how your business could benefit from a system that’s been around for decades and is used exclusively in the UK by professional firms. How could it work for you? Talk to Mike, the MD, and he will show you Docsafe and guarantee a 24 hour set up and the first month free of charge whilst you get used to it. Here’s to 2021!