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Docsafe means no more emails sent in error

One of the most key reasons that makes Docsafe an easy choice lies in one of its most simple features. It’s almost impossible to send an email attachment to the wrong person.

It’s such a regular thing that people do by mistake (we are human after all) and, on the whole, an innocent ‘Oops, sorry that was sent by mistake’ type of dialogue that follows. However, it not only smacks of unprofessionalism but it can also contravene security requirements, especially if the email contains sensitive information or a private attachment. Your credibility is hard-won and it can be ruined really quickly through a momentary lapse in concentration.

By basing Docsafe on a secure portal platform, we have set up email exchange so you simply alert your recipient that there is a document waiting for them in their secured area within Docsafe. The secure area is accessible by approved people only and using multiple levels of security.

Our security levels are in-built. It’s a normal password and email combination that allows the recipient into Docsafe so it’s really easy to use but ultra safe.

Your recipient accesses their documents without using email for transmission. It’s like having an online filing system that sits on our secure server and can be used by you and your client, without any of the contents having to be moved around.

Ask us for a demo, it only takes a few minutes and this stylish simplicity could be a game-changer; particularly if you handle personal information, private details and sensitive data.