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Take a leap of faith

When you have a business or practice with systems and procedures that work, it can be daunting to consider introducing something new. But imagine if we hadn’t made progress in the many areas we now take for granted? Online banking, even online purchasing and mobile phones are all life changing and (for the most part) incredibly useful and positive.

So when we consider the way we do things there might be areas that we know could be improved, made more efficient or replaced with something better – but what holds us back? We believe there are three things:

a) the investment of time: how long will sourcing the right IT take? How disruptive will it be? How quickly can we transition from our old way of doing things to the new?

b) choosing the right thing: whatever we do, we know it’ll be a risk. Will the new process actually be that much better? Will the staff adopt it happily and successfully?

c) the investment of money: it will inevitably cost you something to transform how you currently work and will it pay for itself?

At Online Practice, we have been developing our secure client portal Docsafe for many years. We understand all the challenges as we have worked predominantly with the professions who are traditionally a little cautious and careful. We have created a portal that boasts a large portfolio of functionality that integrates seamlessly into your website (your existing site or one we create for you) and is ready to use from the outset. Training is quick and painless. And it costs less than a daily Starbucks.

Talk to us about introducing a secure portal that:

  1. negates the need for sending unsecured emails when exchanging sensitive information
  2. allows online signing (with a multitude of functionality)
  3. means you and other approved people can access information 24/7
  4. gives you layers and layers of security
  5. reduces paperwork and email trails
  6. provides an ‘at a glance’ status report
  7. and so much more

We have already circumnavigated the challenges that might be stopping you from taking a significant leap forward in terms of streamlining your systems and increasing your professionalism.

Talk to us and find out more.