Online signing product news

We take signing online even further

We have invested in online signing quite significantly in recent years – with much of our development being client-led and as a result of feedback that has made a lot of sense to us. We take this feedback and translate it into an improved product with tangible client benefits at no additional cost.

We have covered many of our online signing features in previous blogs and so we’re just going to mention a couple of new features here that we think you’ll appreciate.

Sequential signing

Our facility now allows you to choose who signs a specific form and in what order they sign. We think this is really important, particularly if signatures are dependent on each other to be valid or if you need to control the order of signing for any reason.

No account speedy signing

Some signing software needs your recipient to set up an account before it allows them in to sign off. We have created a further facility to Docsafe that allows you to ask for signatures without the signatory having to do anything at their end. It’s super quick, efficient and secure.

Take a look at our previous blogs on online signing and find out more about this aspect of our secure client portal that we believe puts us head and shoulders above any other similar platform.