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Choosing the best client login option…

At Docsafe you’ll be aware that security is an ongoing developmental part of our client portal. We work very hard to make sure we are ahead of the game; providing many layers of security to ensure your information and client data isn’t compromised. Much of this goes on behind the scenes as we keep abreast of changes in technology.

One of the areas we are introducing you to is multi-factor authentication when logging in to Docsafe. This applies to all Docsafe users – you as our clients and also your clients who access your portal. You’ll have seen that most of the larger companies now insist on you verifying your identify before proceeding to their website. It’s hugely topical and becoming an essential feature of a secure website gateway.

Docsafe offers this extra step in two different ways. Using the mobile phone as part of the process, anyone trying to access Docsafe will need to ping a texted code back or verify through the Docsafe app. Using a mobile phone is the most reliable way of adding security generically without the need for additional software.

There are two options – one requires you to use a QR code. These have seen a revival in use since the pandemic began (due to the NHS ‘track and trace’ check in system) and so people are currently more au fait with this kind of technology. Or you can use text which is more mainstream but more expensive. It’s easiest to talk to Mike about the pros and cons as the app is a fixed price and often the cheapest route. Text incurs a cost with every use but is fool-proof.

What is key is that anyone visiting your site isn’t put off by the technology you are offering to grant access. We work with you to make sure this isn’t the case and that the benefit of the security is seen as exactly that – a benefit and not a barrier.

Speak to Mike, chat through the options and decide for yourself. We can work with you and provide exactly what you need.