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Docsafe adds to your green credentials

If the environment and sustainability are on your company’s agenda, we can help – and not just with your own endeavours. When you use Docsafe your clients benefit too so there’s a real ripple effect in everything we have built in to make using Docsafe a good choice all round.

Using a client portal minimises paper output. All of your documents and data can be stored digitally. This not only means a paper-free office (yes it is possible!) but also you don’t need great big, ugly, clutter magnet, filing cabinets in every office.

Create less waste! Print-outs are less important as all of your files and information are permanently available, securely, in Docsafe. This information is also available immediately to whoever you choose to have access – a big bonus for security certainly.

You don’t need to travel to unnecessary meetings. Fuel consumption, whether that’s by car or rail, can be reduced significantly. A secure client portal negates the need for face-to-face meetings for administrative tasks. Our online signing facility is second-to-none and provides every level of signatures from a quick one-off to more sophisticated processes. Save meetings (and the planet) for when it really matters.

We use responsible data centres who are actively reducing their carbon footprint. You might have read about the controversy surrounding digital data and its environmental impact. For us, it’s important that every business recognises its role in doing things as well as possible, and that includes sustainability.

Talk to us if you’d like to know more and we’ll continue to keep you posted on our environmental activities. We also have two electric cars driven by the Docsafe team!