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Why security is top of the Docsafe tick list

According to Statista, there are 6.9 billion scam emails sent every day in the UK ( 15 Jan 2023).

There are certain times of the year when you might take 5 to reconsider how you do things at work. It’s often the summer months as they’re typically quieter and you may have some time off to reflect – hence this midsummer article on doing things differently.

Your ponderings might lead to a new marketing approach, introducing new team members or (close to our hearts) seeing how technology can make a difference. The great thing about tech is that it can quickly infiltrate an organisation so that everyone benefits – both your own people and your clients in turn.

We’ve built Docsafe to serve every business with a client base. It’s a secure client portal so you can manage all kinds of things quickly, professionally and – most of all (cue drum roll) securely.

We work in a world that’s fast-paced and mostly online. Our documents often need sensitive management and certainly privacy at a level that goes way beyond basic GDPR guidelines. Sending and receiving such information via email is subject to human error (sending to the wrong person) and cyber crime (hackers).

You may believe that your business is too small to be of interest or worthy of cyber crime activities but you’d be wrong. So much of online crime is opportune – where hackers try to gain access to all kinds of databases and email addresses. How often do you receive a dodgy looking email purporting to be from your bank? According to Statista, there are 6.9 billion scam emails sent every day in the UK ( 15 Jan 2023). Still think you’re safe?

Docsafe has layers and layers of security to make it as impenetrable as possible: multi-factor authentication, security keys and much more.

We understand the way businesses can be compromised and how much of a risk this can be, especially when you hold contact information and sensitive data on staff, suppliers and clients.

So if you’re reflecting on your business this summer it might be worth contacting us and asking for more information. We can do a one-to-one video call, a phone call or simply send you access to our brand new 60-day free trial system. Docsafe could be just what your business needs.