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Don’t send emails in error

We all do it. We either send an email to the wrong person or we forget to include the attachment. According to, in 2020, over 306 billion emails were sent worldwide – that’s 306 billion EACH DAY. That number increases year on year so it’s inevitable that misdirected emails will fall into the millions.

Docsafe mitigates the problems associated with human error. Instead of sending sensitive or confidential information by email, Docsafe allows you to notify the recipient that the attachments await collection from the Docsafe portal. It’s a bit like telling someone they have some mail in their post box attached to their garden gate and only they have the key to it.

It means that:

  • attachments aren’t flying around the ether, they’re secure in the Docsafe portal (mailbox)
  • important documents don’t get in the wrong hands
  • your reputation, credibility and professionalism stay in tact
  • your client relationships aren’t compromised

This feature of Docsafe is one of its most popular as we know we can’t change the human condition of making genuine mistakes. But we can make sure that our businesses are protected from data going astray.

If you’d like a demo, just ask, we do them regularly and would be very happy to show you around the main features.