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Working in the portal

Learn about the Docsafe basics that make it so useful, secure and effective!

One of the great things about Docsafe is the fact that you can store and work on documents centrally. This sounds a bit ‘so what’ but it has lots of off-shoot benefits, some of which we’ve highlighted below.

If you imagine your virtual filing cabinet holding all the important, sensitive and confidential information you have access to, there are some useful features that provide security, reduce admin and allow amazing collaboration. In short, you and your clients can operate at a much higher level.

Collaboration is improved as both you and your client can access the same document, make changes, update and share. There’s no need to circulate many versions or wait for responses. The only copy of the document sits patiently in Docsafe and any update notifications are sent by email.

You don’t need to email the document. Another ‘so what’ moment is exploded as we consider the effects of sending things to the wrong people. It happens all the time. If the document stays in the portal, and the only function of the email is to tell you it’s there or has been updated, then there’s no harm done when human error kicks in and the email gets diverted. Without Docsafe, the errant email would also be carrying the information – that’s way too risky.

And requests for copies of the most up to date files are a thing of the past. Anyone with secure access can simply get what they need so you don’t get interruptions asking for copies of documents that clients can get for themselves.

These are benefits that are really simple but not always available. We continue to develop Docsafe so that it serves the professional market it is created for but these are the basic principles it was built on.