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Docsafe is a ‘switched on’ client portal

We’ve been developing, refining and improving Docsafe since its inception over 20 years ago. We keep on top of all demands, requests and market advancements, particularly where security is concerned as it’s so fast paced. But there are some fundamental reasons to use Docsafe and they’re all highly practical…

Data security – absolutely vital to all businesses but especially those who manage client affairs and communicate sensitive data and information. Docsafe is a highly secure portal that acts as a central hub where everything is stored. It is packaged tightly with many layers of the highest security, is ISO27001 certified, ticks all the GDPR boxes and is fully compliant with an audit trail. In short, it is your data gatekeeper, only allowing approved access. It’s the professional’s dream.

Online signing – documents, meeting notes, contracts and agreements all need to be signed. We have made this function available but have gone way beyond the basics to provide a number of sophisticated extras – sequential signing, multiple signatories, form management, even digital post-its to show where to sign and what’s outstanding. When you invite people to sign, they don’t need to set up an account – we have a secure way in instead. It’s all about removing the barriers safely. There’s so much to see here that we recommend a one-to-one virtual demo.

No more email – absolutely essentially, you shouldn’t be mailing attachments. We say this every day – there’s too much scope for error, not to mention hackers and other malicious potential. How often have you sent an email in error? It’s hard to get past if you’re a professional and you’ve allowed someone’s important information to go astray. With Docsafe this is resolved and emails sent in error are a thing of the past. See also our blog on phishing – your clients can relax and know that any emails purporting to be from you asking you to open an attachment simply aren’t bona fide.

100% professional – interestingly this is one of the most obvious benefits but one we don’t always talk about. By operating a business using Docsafe you are doing several things – setting. yourself apart from others in your sector, showing great respect and integrity in how you are managing your clients’ data and you’re always ahead of the game as we continue to update and improve all aspects of Docsafe.

Contact us to find out more – as always, we offer a relaxed demo, online or in person, for you to see exactly how Docsafe works.