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Can Docsafe help reduce energy costs?

Is it possible for IT to be part of the global drive to reduce energy usage and consequently the costs associated with it? Within Docsafe we have several inbuilt features that allow you to reduce your energy usage and, therefore of course, lower your overheads.

We believe wholeheartedly in the power of a good meeting but equally we know that many of these take place unnecessarily – especially where significant travel is required. Docsafe isn’t a video conferencing facility but it does provide the document equivalent – let us explain. 

With Docsafe you have a portal wrapped up in layers of security that you are able to grant client access to. You can choose what they are allowed to access and multi-factor authentication means it is a tight ship.

From this platform you can perform all sorts of useful communications that you’ll come to rely on. We have hundreds of professional firms who use Docsafe – including accountants and solicitors – who know how safe and effective it is. They use Docsafe with their own clients and depend on its speed, safety and easy sophistication to negate the need for face-to-face meetings. Save those for when it really counts we say.

You can take advantage of the excellent online signing functionality which we’ve developed in tandem with client feedback. We know it does what you need it to as we listened and responded – and we keep developing it, adding new features to help you work smarter. 

We especially value the ability to collaborate online. The meeting equivalent but so much more effective. Instead of waiting your turn to contribute or looking at the wrong versions of documents, you can do your collaborating online in advance of any face-to-face time, all on the same document version, no email required. It makes the process so much more productive. 

So by doing so much more online, we genuinely believe you’ll maximise your time by completing the admin online and saving the precious meeting time for Zoom, Teams and face-to-face. And you’ll save on travel time, travel cost, post and couriers as well. Win, win!