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Taking time to save time

Docsafe is a bit of a miracle worker. It does a whole raft of things to streamline the way you work as well as introduce a new level of data security that will delight your IT people.

However, to enjoy the rewards you do have to take a little time to get it working exactly as you need. That’s where we come in – we can show you how Docsafe works, what its many benefits are and then show you how it can make your specific workplace requirements more efficient.

Online signing is one of the great attractions to Docsafe. Saving you unnecessary meeting time, you can set up a form exactly to your specifications and then apply a lot of sophisticated options. You can dictate the order in which people sign the form. You can get multiple parties to sign. You can flag up (using colour coded tabs) where people should sign. There is a so much within our signing functionality – all driven by a mix of our programmers and user requests. That’s how we know it’s good!

We also provide a safe way to communicate. Sending sensitive documents via email is so risky – we’ve all sent or received things in error, it’s inevitable human error. However documents in transit are also open to cyber crime and when you’re dealing with important information it’s just not safe enough. So we created a portal (like an online pigeon hole or inbox) and you simply deposit the information in there and email to tell the recipient that it’s ready to access. The documents themselves stay in Docsafe, available to authorised people to access.

There are many things that Docsafe can do for your business. Take the time to talk us and set up new systems that will pay dividends and speed up your paperwork to finish the project to close the deal that much more quickly next time.