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Docsafe in brief

Here at Docsafe Towers, we’re all so close to Docsafe that we forget that not everyone knows and understands its superpowers. Here’s a quick fire round up of what it does, who for and why you might benefit from having Docsafe in your life.

Docsafe is an online client portal. What’s that? It means you have a really useful platform for you to store, access, send, exchange, sign and collaborate online without any documents needing to leave the portal.

Why is having a secure portal useful? It allows you to collaborate on files without actually sending any via email. The security benefits of this are huge. You also only work on one set of documents and avoid that confusing round of updating and replacing several versions. Version control is automatic as there’s only one version!

Give us an example of Docsafe in action… well there’s so many ways it’s useful. Here’s one: imagine a company with 256 employees, all requiring payslips. No one wants to email or print them – they’re highly sensitive, personal and private, all containing important digits. You simply email everyone to tell them their payslip is now in their own secure portal. Only they have access. It’s simple but highly effective. The security and efficiency is excellent.

Also, imagine a house sale and all the many, many parties involved. By using Docsafe you can use the portal as a secure hub to collate all the documents, forms and audit trail, just allowing access to those who are authorised, choosing levels and areas for each person. It’s great – all held in one place, tidy, organised and secure.

What else can it offer? Our particularly clever functionality can be found in our online signing which is second to none. It’s ultra sophisticated and covers everything you can imagine. Sequential signing, multi-person signing, tabs to highlight areas for attention – you can even get someone to sign instantly without having an account or access to Docsafe. And yes, this is also highly secure and legally compliant.

Who is Docsafe for? We are used by the professions: accountants, solicitors, IFAs, estate agents, the creative industry and more. Ask us how it can be useful for your business.

You’ll note that we use the word ‘secure’ constantly. It’s what we stand for and have invested in for the past two decades. Our development is driven by market requirements, fed back by our users and also our knowledge of this sector. Talk to us, browse our online videos, ask for a one-to-one webinar or demo. We know you’ll love it!