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NEW FEATURE: Streamline bulk signing

Docsafe has a really useful new feature that allows you to manage the signing of several documents with clarity and speed.

You can scan across your entire computer, selecting the documents that need attention. Drop these into Docsafe. You can also merge them into one pdf at this stage if you need to.

You apply the signing requirements you have for each document which are alerted to the recipient or multiple recipients. You can choose the order each person signs and where exactly needs their attention on each document.

You know when you feel you are bombarding someone with email overload or requests that are confusing? Well, this new feature makes life easier and negates any confusion. Everything is neatly communicated in one email, making your request and your client’s response a breeze. The documents stay in Docsafe securely awaiting attention and your email explains everything that needs to be done.

We are all about working smarter and not harder.