product news

A 5-point Docsafe upgrade

We’ve launched five new features that make Docsafe even more efficient. Our developments are nearly always client-driven so we listen to feedback and enquiries very carefully to pick out any popular functionality. We also examine the user experience carefully and anticipate any user features that we know would be welcomed.

Because of our two-way development process, we encourage all of our clients to communicate their experiences and highlight any areas that would be valuable for you.

Auto zip folder

You are now able to store a zip copy of the entire contents of every Docsafe folder. This gets around the issue of downloading multiple files.

Pack & stack

A really neat feature allows you to collect multiple documents from different locations within Docsafe. You can stack these and upload them at the same time, all together.

Multiple factor authentication

Docsafe is packed with security features and now also includes Google authenticator app, a 3rd level option that negates the need for text message confirmations.

Online signing pre-approval

This is very useful for instances where you have senior members of your team signing off on documents before they are distributed. You can name a senior member of staff with the authority to sign off on a document, loop them in to the process and the document won’t be released without their say so.

Hybrid approval form

A whole new option on forms – you can now directly approve a document with an online signature or you can use dynamic form-fill with a signature. You can combine these to make an editable document for signing, tailored for the recipient. Upload a document for approval and include optional sign off from different sources, multiple signatures – all assigned to specific people.

Talk to us if you’d like any more detail on these functions. If you are a Docsafe user they should be self-explanatory but we want you to get the most from the portal so we hope this makes our latest updates clear and easy to incorporate into your work processes.