Work from anywhere

A more fluid workplace

As we start to move towards a more settled working style, we will be carrying the legacy of lockdown for some time. Many people have been working from home, furloughed or working on a rota basis. We are being encouraged to make a return to a new kind of ‘normal’, whatever that means for us all.

Docsafe has been instrumental in smoothing the way for our clients who have been working from home, allowing access to all electronic files, facilitating collaboration and even providing the luxury of completing deals and approving documents by signing online.

We believe that the return to work – most likely to surge at the time of the new academic year and the end of the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (September/October respectively) – will herald the start of a new digital era. Increasingly companies will turn to technology to allow us to work better together, wherever we are based.

For sure, meetings will continue to be held virtually in the main as travel is still restricted. Employees will adopt many of the preferred habits set during the last six months as it can be seen that productivity hasn’t suffered and in fact has been shown to be improved by remote working. Cooper Parry, chartered accountants, voted Europe’s employer of the year and always in the Times Top 10 employers, has announced its new policy of working anywhere, any time, going forward. This can only be administered using good technology and an excellent team of people.

We support this transitional period, and the ensuing shape of the working environment, through developing Docsafe to stay ahead of remote working requirements. Our workplaces are set to be more fluid, increasingly portable and adaptable as we are more mobile, electing to work from different bases.

Talk to us about how Docsafe can provide the infrastructure your organisation needs for accessing, sharing, collaborating, storing, sending and signing documents – wherever you are.