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Why Docsafe is vital if you manage sensitive client information

We have been working with professional firms across the UK for many years now – getting on for at least two decades. We started, way back, with a core offering and have since constantly developed it based on feedback from our users and in response/anticipation of changing legislation. For any business that handles sensitive data (finances, contact information, contracts and similar) Docsafe is the perfect platform.

To be brief, Docsafe is a secure client portal. You and your approved clients are able to put data in and take data out. But it’s so much more than that. We have added layers and layers of security. It’s so good at the data in/out aspect that we challenge anyone to use email EVER when Docsafe handles information so securely. Email is really unsafe when it comes to important content. How many times have you ever sent or received information in error? Imagine if that happens with someone’s financial history? Putting information safely into Docsafe and creating permission only for authorised recipients to retrieve it, along with layers of security, is most certainly what you should be doing as part of your daily practice.

We have, in recent years, embraced online signing. This has become more accepted, even in legal firms and land registry – the legal sector being the slowest to accept this form of sign off. We have developed highly sophisticated form generation, including multiple sign offs and pre-distribution authorisation sign offs, amongst many others (we have other articles on online signing or ask us and we’ll go through it with you). For contracts and other legal documents it is fully legal, has an audit trail and speeds up all of your transactions immeasurably.

From an administrative point of view Docsafe is outstanding. Document transfer, collaboration and storage are all boxes ticked and, overlaid with our security levels, your documents are in a highly safe place.

Above all Docsafe has been designed to make your work life more streamlined and efficient with the over-arching goal of protecting your data, your clients’ data and therefore maintain your reputation as a professional firm offering the highest levels of duty of care to everyone you are in contact with.

We can demo Docsafe to you, talk you through its benefits (to you specifically) and offer the first month free of charge as you and your teams integrate it into your business. Based in Birmingham, we serve the whole UK. Talk to Mike