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Docsafe success in new sectors

When we originally conceptualised Docsafe, we did it entirely with accountants in mind. It was (and is) a sector the team was very comfortable in and knew well. Over the intervening 20 years (we still can’t believe it’s 20 years) we have widened our horizons as we realised how much Docsafe is relevant and of value to all kinds of other sectors.

We’d go so far as to say it’s the ‘go-to’ client portal for any business who works with clients in a professional capacity – from business owners, creatives, to IFAs, solicitors, estate agents and, of course, our loyal accountants client base. If you are a client-led organisation, Docsafe is for you.

There are so many reasons for this so we’ll highlight just a few. Docsafe can be branded to sit within your own website so your clients’ first encounter will be via a multi-factor, layered, secure login.

They’ll enter the Docsafe world and immediately be able to work with you (as their accountant, IFA, account manager, whatever your role is) in a highly secure environment. This sets the scene for everything you do within the portal – layers of security mean that sensitive information is entirely safe.

Docsafe is a multifunctional storage space. You can create, send, sign and store within it. The beauty lies in the fact that you don’t need to extract data or email it. You simply work on the one version that sits in Docsafe. This means you don’t have the complications of multiple versions or the worry of emailing things to the wrong person. Multiple people, with authorised access, can access the same document without it ever having to leave the portal. It’s so good.

Form creation and electronic signing has really led the way for us in the past few years. It has become completely acceptable to sign online and we have solicitors who use the facility which shows how far electronic signing has come. We’ve developed this function to highly sophisticated levels with multiple signatories, sequential signing, coloured tabs to show where signatures need to go and much more. It’s well worth a demo just to see this in action.

There’s more to Docsafe but you get the picture – it allows you to operate at a different level. It looks professional and helps your business to reflect the times we’re in with a secure, considerate and mindful way of working. Ask us if you’d like to know more – and if you’re from a brand new sector for us – we are enjoying the variety and welcome all businesses.