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Why use Docsafe?

We were asked this question at the start of a recent demo – ‘Why should our business use Docsafe?’ and whilst we can talk forever about its functionality and benefits, it really made us think.

To cut to the chase, Docsafe as a secure client portal is the very best way to communicate safely and incorporate clever stuff like online signing and a secure payroll module – things that we know our clients really enjoy. BUT! The main reason really for using Docsafe is that we are a small, dedicated business that listens to our clients and responds accordingly. We’re not some faceless, large corporate that motors on blindly pushing out to the market the things we think people should be using.

We started Docsafe many years ago – coming up for two decades now – and its success (we firmly believe) comes from our steady, loyal team working on the product/platform and evolving it to suit the changing needs of the users. The team also looks to anticipate the requirements of new users – most recently we have enjoyed working with IFAs who seem to be needing a Docsafe solution right now! So it’s the ability to listen, respond and deliver the goods that would appear to be our most valuable attraction.

Over the last few months we know things have been a challenge but it’s no coincidence that Docsafe has sprouted a number of new offshoots that marry well with our clients’ needs – a more sophisticated level of online signing, an intelligent multi-form proposition and higher levels of security. These all go hand-in-hand with the ability to work from anywhere, giving access to documents securely and easily to members of the team or directly to clients. These updates have been made swiftly and in a timely way so they are effective right now, when we all need them.

So if you were wondering why you should give Docsafe a go, then maybe organise one of our demos with Mike and ask him! While you are experiencing Docsafe, ask questions and find out exactly how it serves you in your business. Your thoughts and input will also be noted for future developments – because that’s how we work.