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5 reasons to sign online with Docsafe

It’s quick. It’s legal. It’s global. It’s secure. And it’s flexible.

QUICK: Why wait when you need to sign something off or you need a contract (or any kind of of business) concluding? With an online signature you can seal the deal immediately and efficiently.

LEGAL: With the increasing acceptance of online signing, even in the legal profession, so online signing is becoming more widely used. There is more weight of evidence in an online signature as a secure login is usually required and, with a valid IP address, the signatory’s location can be verified. There is usually also supporting evidence through confirmation email exchanges as well – all much more concrete than a traditional wet signature. Docsafe satisfies all of the criteria outlined for legal use.

GLOBAL: You can sign off on anything regardless of where in the world you are – and indeed your counterpart. Signing off on documents across the world negates the need for post, which are often incredibly delayed for communications that are further afield.

SECURE: Of course it’s secure – that’s where Docsafe started all those years ago! We offer multiple layers of security hosted on ultra-secure servers. We don’t stop addressing security ever – adding new technology and additional layers to keep you and your reputation completely safe.

FLEXIBLE: Our online signature functionality comes with the ability to upload forms or set up your own forms for multiple sign off, pre-authorisation, different signatures at different stages and much more. We have made our online signing functionality second-to-none.

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