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There’s online signing and then there’s Docsafe online signing…

Our clients enjoy having the ability to provide online signing. It helps them do things more quickly and it also provides a degree of efficiency and professionalism. But at Docsafe we do more than provide the option to sign digitally. We have listened to how our clients use online signing, understood what they need from it and have evolved its functionality in response. Here are our online signing ‘headlines’:

  • Full audit trail
  • Legal and compliant
  • Multiple signatories
  • Countersigning option
  • The ability to work in a variety of formats – pdf, Word, Excel
  • Form collaboration
  • The ability to bespoke a form and signing function to suit your exact needs

We have found that online signing has emerged as one of our most popular reasons to subscribe to Docsafe, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic when people are less inclined to meet and sign off documents in person. I mean, who wants to rely on the post?

Docsafe’s signing functionality is used for all sorts of reasons including legal documents, terms and conditions, agreements, signing off on all manner of legal documents, collaborating and agreeing terms and signing off on accounts and other important things.

Talk to us about how we can include online signing in your organisation, we can demonstrate how it works and offer you a free first month when you ‘sign up’ with us – online of course!