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Dynamic forms emerging as a lockdown favourite

We introduced dynamic forms to Docsafe a while back but their popularity and demand has soared since we hit the lockdown situation we are currently in. As more people have worked from home since the Covid-19 pandemic has restricted our movements, so many more are continuing to enjoy more flexible working even as businesses start to return to some degree of ‘normal’. This has led to an increase in Docsafe usage generally but also in some of the more specific functionality of it. Our dynamic forms have had an overhaul with a few new features – mostly in response to the increased number of users and the positive feedback we have been receiving. We’ve enhanced this Docsafe feature in a number of ways:

  • Created a new and improved layout
  • Added  drop down boxes that can be added to forms to make a selection
  • Added grouping features to allow only single-option choices
  • Added a template function which allows you to copy a previous form layout
  • Included the option to add named multiple signatories
  • Added a useful ‘Print from preview’ option

All this is only of interest of course if a) you have Docsafe and b) you’ve tried to use our dynamic forms option. If you would like to know more, speak to Mike and ask for a run through of the secure client portal, specifically with dynamic forms in mind.