Why sign online?

docSAFE has long since had the facility to allow your clients to sign online. This function has proved extremely popular so we thought we’d ask our clients why they felt it improved their business performance: “We don’t need to print anything – everything is done online and we keep digital copies of everything – which we think is much more secure than a filing cabinet full of paper” “We don’t need to set up meetings when we’re just after a signature. We save the meetings (expensive in terms of travel and time) for when we can sit down and talk about important things” “docSAFE has this really useful tool that shows us who hasn’t signed following a request. It automates follow up emails asking for the client to complete the paperwork. It’s really efficient” “Occasionally we have the opportunity to revisit a customer who had gone away to consider taking the next step. If it’s over the phone or email, we can simply request their signature to complete the sales process and get them signed up. We find that very useful in terms of our sales activity” “Who wouldn’t want an electronic signature, filed neatly away, complete with an audit trail? It’s so tidy!” “At tax return time, we literally are swamped with paperwork that needs a client’s signature. By managing everything online, we can move swiftly to continue to work on accounts and not spend hours doing admin!”