Who uses DocSafe

We have developed DocSafe for almost twenty years to serve the professional financial sectors – predominantly accountants and IFAs. However we are finding that it is also becoming popular with other sectors such as solicitors, lawyers, small to medium business owners and creative agencies.

It is winning fans in these new areas as it allows the users to perform communications tasks so effectively and simply.

Deals are being won much more quickly through the ability to sign off on meetings and contracts.

Small to medium size accountants:

DocSafe provides the perfect platform for sharing sensitive financial information. You can upload multiple documents as one simple pdf and collaborate, sign off and store your paperwork.

Solicitors and lawyers:

Increasingly digital signature are the preferred method of signing contracts as they carry more weight than a traditional wet signature. Like other professions, the legal sector is enjoying the benefits of ultra secure communications where email just isn’t enough.


Financial advisers are now in the position where they can present and conclude business digitally and completely compliantly using DocSafe. Contracts and agreements can be drawn up and signed off legally and with a full audit trail. Meetings can be reserved for discussions instead of admin.

Creative agencies:

Many of our creative agencies use DocSafe to agree and sign off on activity agreed following meetings. They can also collaborate on one document instead of circulating many versions – this is really useful when several parties might be involved.


Our newest sector to embrace DocSafe is small to medium sized businesses who want to contain their admin within a secure cloud setting. They can issue and sign off on agreements, collaborate and communicate securely and efficiently using DocSafe.