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    docSAFE is the clever way to work. For anyone working with a client base – those in the professions, creatives – in fact, just about any kind of business – you’ll wonder how you managed without it before. It’s contemporary and innovative but surprisingly simple. docSAFE is a client portal – an online office with lots of functionality and clever stuff.

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    Working in the cloud is a concept. You are simply accessing a portal online and giving your clients secure access to do the same. In the portal you can store and work on documents, exchange information, collaborate, sign things off online – all in highly secure, backed up environment. It works across all your devices and even has its own mobile app.

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Why lawyers should use cloud services

Why lawyers should use cloud services
 Increasingly, and interestingly, organisations across the globe are adopting cloud services to replace old and traditional business processes. The year 2017 is expected to witness a great cloud migration and by 2020 it is expected that most working processes (92%) will take place in the cloud. Lawyers have every reason to join this migration.
Compared to using software traditionally – accessed via applications that reside on your computer – cloud services prove to be superior in every respect. By using software in the cloud, you’ll enjoy greater mobility (everywhere/real-time access), greater scalability and cost-effectiveness. What’s more, your software is always bang up to date – so no more upgrades or falling behind on versions of software you are using. This is because the software sits in the cloud and you access it from wherever you are, on any device, at a significantly lower cost than buying it outright. And… no more shelves full of dusty boxes containing outdated CDs!
That’s why more and more lawyers are switching to the cloud. In 2015, the American Bar estimated that 1 out of 3 lawyers were using the cloud in their practice. This percentage is set to more than double in 2017.
In an interview by Above the Law, Steven Ayr boasted of having a paperless law firm, saying: “For a firm like ours that’s growing quickly, [working in the cloud] is scalable and takes out a lot of our management costs since we don’t have to worry about having an in-house IT department.”

Cloud-based law firms are more appealing to clients

Steven Ayr further noted that clients tend to prefer working with them as they offer this level of technology. This is unsurprisingly as clients increasingly prefer online transactions and communications for their speed and to suit the way they work themselves – no one wants to rely on the postman for important documents and information to arrive.
Among the many cloud services available, there are 2 types that stand out as most useful to the legal team:
File and client management Sending and receiving documents via the postal system is too slow (if there’s an error in the information you eventually receive, the prospect of correcting it and posting back is extremely painful!) and email notoriously is not secure (how often have you received an email intended for someone else?). With cloud storage and management tools, clients and their lawyers can access important files anytime and from anywhere in the world. Users just have to scan and upload the documents to the cloud and anyone who has authorised access can view or edit the document. This can be done from all types of computer including using mobile devices and smartphones.
Electronic signature This useful tool is one of the most useful. It enables users to authorise a document by attaching an electronic signature to it. It saves time and money as it cancels the need for sending documents back and forth just to get documents signed. Just think of the number of documents a legal team has to have signed throughout the lifetime of any single project – this tool saves hours!

How docSAFE can help you

Docsafe offers cloud-based collaboration services tailored for the needs of anyone working in the legal sector. It offers the safest way to communicate sensitive documents with multiple layers of encryption to ensure there are no data leaks. Also, it has a legally compliant electronic signature tool with a full audit trail so you can be sure your authorisation will not be compromised.
Ask us how doc-SAFE can provide the cloud solution your firm needs: www.doc-safe.co.uk.

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How cloud services help accountants

How cloud services help accountants
In the recent survey from Cloud Industry Forum, roughly 8 out of 10 UK enterprises are using cloud services and 6 of them are thinking about migrating 100% of their operations to the cloud. This trend is no different from the experiences of accounting firms and accountants that leverage the use of cloud services.   If you are unsure about what working in the cloud means – it really is a conceptual thing. The cloud represents a virtual storage, that is, storage that can be accessed from anywhere and doesn’t physically sit on your computer or company’s server. Thinking of it as being ‘in the cloud’ helps people to understand that it is ‘out there somewhere’!

There are many advantages that cloud services offer to accountants

Cloud computing enables accountants to increase capacity and update accountancy software easily. Many businesses no longer own software – they just work on the most recent version by accessing it via the Internet. It saves space on your computer and means you are always bang up to date.
It also helps accountants be more productive by eliminating repetitive tasks like data entry. Collecting financial data is way easier with the cloud. Clients just have to scan documents and upload them to the cloud where they can freely collaborate with their accountants in real-time, anywhere in the world. Working on one document saves a lot of confusion.

Why docSAFE is a cut above the rest

docSAFE offers a smart way of doing business with clients. Accountants can leverage its secure file sharing services, as sending files via fax and emails is just not secure enough. Cloud-based collaboration also enables clients to share files in real-time, so journal entries are up to date and tracked. They can do all from any device – computer, laptop, tablet and even with their mobile phones using the docSAFE app.
docSAFE offers an electronic signature function so you can officially sign an electronic file online. It is fast, secure and legal. We follow complete regulatory compliance and implement a full audit trail to back it up. More and more accountancy firms across UK are trusting docSAFE for its acclaimed system that saves time and money, ensuring a streamlined business process.
Learn more how docSAFE can help you. Contact Mike and his team on 0121 794 0685 or
email team@doc-safe.co.uk.
Click here to arrange a meeting.

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