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Positioning Docsafe within the professional sector

We have been around for some time now. We work predominantly with professionals in the world of accounting, finance, property and law. As a secure client portal that places online signing and communications at the heart of everything we do it’s important to understand where Docsafe sits when you’re looking at your options. We won’t go into a compare and contrast exercise but we will talk a bit about why we might be a good fit for your firm.

As a lean, hard-working business we are well suited to professional practices who are categorised as small to medium. We don’t go after the larger players, with good reason. There are plenty of high-cost, big-name brands who offer fully integrated management and accounting systems. We work with businesses like us – those who care about their online security, who want to communicate professionally and for whom online signing is a lifeline in terms of speed and sophistication. What we’re not is a business who tries to be all things to all people.

We understand how Docsafe fits within a professional practice and how it’s used. We’re close enough to our users to really listen, respond and develop Docsafe as needed. Most of our updates start life through feedback or via an exploration of a way of doing things differently.

Our online signing is a good example of client collaboration. We have an extremely simple to use signing facility but if you need to include levels of sophistication we have it covered. We can make sure a document is signed by multiple parties, in the right order. We allow you to flag up where signatures are needed. There are lots of twists and turns that we have incorporated, largely due to the nature of our clients’ work.

Docsafe is a really valuable addition to a professional practice. It’s your branded client portal that sits on your website, allowing secure storage, exchange, collaboration and signing of documents – whether they contain everyday content or highly sensitive information.

Talk to us – Mike is the MD and often answers the phone. We can show you Docsafe in person, via an online call or allow you free access for 3 months while we work with you to help you get the most from it with free Docsafe Lightbulb familiarisation sessions.

We’ve been around for almost 25 years – that’s 25 years of developments, updates and honing to create a product that will serve a small to medium sized professional business very well.