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How Docsafe matches our clients’ wishlists

We conducted some informal research among our most recent new clients to find out how they arrived at the decision to adopt Docsafe – specifically to understand what was top of their lists in their search for a secure client portal.

What we discovered wasn’t a huge surprise. Firstly, they were looking for a straightforward portal that wasn’t complicated or unnecessarily sophisticated but would allow them to share information safely, especially sensitive client files. We have developed Docsafe over the years to provide sophisticated functionality but in a really simple way.

The second key demand for a portal solution was that it had to offer value for money. For small to medium sized accountancy firms in particular Docsafe provides an excellent baseline service with the option to add further services should they be required. Docsafe’s pricing structure is very fair – based on the number of users and what you need. Add-ons such as the payroll module aren’t standard so if you don’t need them, you don’t pay for them.

The third key factor in their decision-making process was the reassurance that their new portal would be properly supported. By that, our respondents made it very clear that they would need a quick response time by people who understood the product inside out and who could resolve issues in a timely and expedient manner. The team at Docsafe who answer the calls are part of the product’s development process. They understand the need to minimise down-time and will prioritise your issue. We’re UK based (Birmingham, nice and central) and work with UK businesses. This means we are on-hand, knowledgeable and small enough to make sure we take care of all of our clients.

By ticking these 3 boxes we know we’re doing a good job for existing clients – and reassuring new clients that they are with the right business for their secure client portal communications.