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Take a leap of faith

When you have a business or practice with systems and procedures that work, it can be daunting to consider introducing something new. But imagine if we hadn’t made progress in the many areas we now take for granted? Online banking, even online purchasing and mobile phones are all life changing and (for the most part) […]

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What sets DocSafe apart…

We’ve been working in the professional sector, creating and supplying a seriously good client portal for almost twenty years now. What makes us different is the fact that we’re not owned by a giant accountancy software company and we haven’t been swallowed whole by a competitor. We’ve stayed focused and deliberately independent from our conception […]

Data security Online signing product news

A hat-trick of improvements!

3 important form management and online signing updates In true DocSafe style we continue to develop our user functionality – and this particular set of updates relate to improvements for signing online and form management. We have taken feedback and requests into consideration in adding some very sophisticated additions to how you manage forms and […]

Data security Online signing product news Work from anywhere

5 reasons to sign online with DocSafe

It’s quick. It’s legal. It’s global. It’s secure. And it’s flexible. QUICK: Why wait when you need to sign something off or you need a contract (or any kind of of business) concluding? With an online signature you can seal the deal immediately and efficiently. LEGAL: With the increasing acceptance of online signing, even in the […]

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GDPR after Brexit

Data security is an important part of the DocSafe offering. We work extremely hard to ensure that any data you hold is secure. This is one of the main drivers for our client portal where email isn’t required to send and receive data or documents. However, the impact of Brexit might cast a ripple effect […]

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Start as you mean to go on

It’s a brand new year and the perfect time to think about improvements – and we don’t mean signing up for the gym (unless you want to, then by all means…). We are referring to working smarter. Our age old tagline says we should work smarter and not harder and that’s never been truer. Working […]

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Why use DocSafe?

We were asked this question at the start of a recent demo – ‘Why should our business use DocSafe?’ and whilst we can talk forever about its functionality and benefits, it really made us think. To cut to the chase, DocSafe as a secure client portal is the very best way to communicate safely and […]

Online signing product news Work from anywhere

Why DocSafe is vital if you manage sensitive client information

We have been working with professional firms across the UK for many years now – getting on for at least two decades. We started, way back, with a core offering and have since constantly developed it based on feedback from our users and in response/anticipation of changing legislation. For any business that handles sensitive data […]

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A 5-point DocSafe upgrade

We’ve launched five new features that make DocSafe even more efficient. Our developments are nearly always client-driven so we listen to feedback and enquiries very carefully to pick out any popular functionality. We also examine the user experience carefully and anticipate any user features that we know would be welcomed. Because of our two-way development […]

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A more fluid workplace

As we start to move towards a more settled working style, we will be carrying the legacy of lockdown for some time. Many people have been working from home, furloughed or working on a rota basis. We are being encouraged to make a return to a new kind of ‘normal’, whatever that means for us […]