• This is docSAFE

    docSAFE is the clever way to work. For anyone working with a client base – those in the professions, creatives – in fact, just about any kind of business – you’ll wonder how you managed without it before. It’s contemporary and innovative but surprisingly simple. docSAFE is a client portal – an online office with lots of functionality and clever stuff.

  • In the Cloud

    Working in the cloud is a concept. You are simply accessing a portal online and giving your clients secure access to do the same. In the portal you can store and work on documents, exchange information, collaborate, sign things off online – all in highly secure, backed up environment. It works across all your devices and even has its own mobile app.

A sign of things to come…

Think about the number of things in your business day that need a signature. It is certainly a whole heap of admin that you can avoid by introducing electronic signatures across all of your operations.  There are so many benefits, here are just a few…
  • Fewer unnecessary meetings – save those for when you can make the time really meaningful
  • Less paper to store, photocopy and post – throw out those bulky filing cabinets
  • Tracking and following up missing signatures becomes a thing of the past – online signing gives you far greater control
  • Relegate your fax machine to the store cupboard (or, even better, the bin)
  • Oh the speed! Get signatures turned around immediately
  • Online signing can happen anywhere, from any device – remove excuses for delays
  • Online signatures are legally binding – a key point
  • Gain a business advantage by looking ultra professional and making doing business easier
These benefits make your decision simple. If you need further persuasion, why not consider the following uses? 1. Seal the deal – sales contracts For many businesses, signing sales contracts of every kind are key. By signing online you can move quickly and efficiently, ensuring your transactions are complete. This applies to property increasingly – if you have bought or sold property recently, just think of the time savings! 2. Trade agreements Finalise agreements easily. Agree terms with suppliers and distributors and ensure everything is locked down quickly. 3. Customer agreements Have key signatures in place when you sign up new accounts, set credit limits and upload client data – some of the many functions of signing up a new client. 4. Sign offs and approval Customer orders, meeting minutes, authorising changes – there are any number of reasons you might want to get a speedy online signature in order to proceed with a project or order. If your business is project-based in any way, facilitating authorisation is important. Often, changes or updates need to happen quickly and sometimes with the agreement of more than one party. Use docSAFE’s signing facility for this. You then have a copy of a legally-binding, signed document – safely stored for future use, if required. 5. HR heaven All of the paperwork involved with recruitment is easily managed with online signatures – from the initial applications to tax forms and pension arrangements, expenses and salary payments – online signing accelerates the process, stores copies of everything and ensures you are completely compliant. 6. Keep it legal  docSAFE electronic signatures are legally-binding throughout Europe and other countries (ask for details). 7. NDAs Non-disclosure agreements make the word go round in our ever-increasing litigious society. For employees, suppliers and other business parties, make sure all your NDAs are signed, up to date and safely stored. Ultimately, docSAFE online signatures make your business day more efficient, increase the speed of every transaction, are completely legal and safely store everything should you need to refer to it at any point. Life-changing!

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